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Independent and fair drugs expert witness opinion covering all levels of the supply chain involving numerous drug related commodities.
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Professional Service

Reliable and Independent Opinion

Knowledge, experience, impartial analysis and a realistic approach to the evidence are fundamental to a proportionate and fair result.
Proceeds of Crime Act
  • When Law Enforcement value drugs in respect of POCA applications, the overall street value may not be representative of the involvement of the parties, and therefore realistic to suggest that an alternative figure is more appropriate to be relied upon.


  • A cannabis cultivation benefit proposed by the prosecution may include an assumption of previous crops, identifiable circumstances may dismiss this value and show a  more realistic benefit figure.


  • Darrell can assist by reviewing valuations put forward by Law Enforcement and consider an alternative figure based on a realistic assessment on the level of evidential involvement of the parties concerned.


  • Darrell can challenge the benefit figure and suggest a more proportionate figure in the proceedings and potentially a significant reduction in the attributable value and subsequent benefit order.
Interpretation of Evidence
  • Darrell will show sound reasoning and a fair interpretation of social media based data, as text messages using street slang can have a number of connotations.


  • Exhibit attribution can be incorrectly allocated to the circumstances, and level of involvement can be clouded under the circumstances offered.


  • He is able to challenge law enforcement opinion which shows no reasoning or justification and he can potentially suggest an alternative perspective if the evidence permits.


  • Recreational drugs are generally sold in specific weights throughout the supply chain and these amounts have been standard for many years. The identification of commodities packaged for transportation, supply or personal consumption will often assist in identifying where in the supply chain these commodities sit.
Working In Partnership
  • Darrell continues to enhance his understanding of the illegal drugs business by speaking with recreational drug users, rehabilitated/ex users, councillors, mentors and support staff who share their opinions and experiences within a specific arena.


  • By building partnerships he has gained an excellent appreciation of drug arenas, an example being the “Chemsex” environment. He has spoken with people associated to the Chemsex scene who have assisted him in identifying specific concerns within this drug arena. Having spoken at length with male escorts, sex industry workers and people who have attended Chemsex / PNP parties he has an in depth understanding of what takes place and why.


  • He can explain quantity consumption of specific commodities, which also explains the significant amount required to cover a number of days attendance. He can also show reasoning and motivation behind attendance by guests, and why drugs are left behind at the venues.
Drug Arenas
  • Darrell has worked throughout the drug supply chain from international drug trafficking to the end user, covering a wide range of illegal commodities, he can identify the relevance of the commodity and a representative value of quantities of drugs at all levels of the supply chain.


  • Identifying the “arena of transaction” can often show the complexities or the lack of any interaction of a persons involvement with what they have been charged with. Not everyone arrested with a quantity of drugs is a member of an Organised Criminal Network, caught up in Gang culture or purchasing a quantity of drugs to supply to other unknown third parties.


  • He can show sound reasoning behind the existence of numerous end user quantities of drugs which have been identified within certain locations, and explain why people buy personal amounts which are often confused with possession with intent to supply amounts.
Cannabis Cultivation, Dabbing, Vaping, Extracts, Oils and more
  • Darrell has attended and examined many cannabis sites and has the experience and knowledge to understand what has taken place, why and for how long.  Within these sets ups he has seen clothes drying, external light, pests, rotting plants and  excessive amounts of plants all of which will clearly reduce the growth, quality and potential yield.


  • He knows Cannabis trends have changed, a much greater quantity can be required for a concentrated amount.  The consumption of cannabis extracts for example Kief, Hash, Water Hash, Oil, Wax, Crumble, Honeycomb and Shatter are a number of products available containing a greater concentration of THC.


  • He knows Vaping and Dabbing are cleaner and easier ways of consumption, and CO2 extraction is a safer than Butane, he has assessed extraction sites and offered opinion into it, clearly identifying that it was personal use and not intent to supply.
Representative Valuation
  • Darrell can suggest a value of the drugs to the person in control and their role. The distribution of illegal commodities does not always end with a financial remuneration. The provision of services can be rewarded in the form of a quantity of the commodity, a “drink” or any other tangible object. Another form of reward is the cancellation of a debt, either in whole or in part, fear or favour is also a common understanding of employment.


  • Law Enforcement will often produce the wholesale and the street value of drugs in complex investigations without rationale or reasoning (Valuation only). This does not assist in identifying the value of the commodity to the person in question if they were a courier for example.


  • He produced the Metropolitan Police Drugs valuation document and 6 monthly reviews, he knows that purity, availability and quality has created a multi tier system with a number of commodities.
Independent Opinion
  • Darrell delivers a fair understanding and approach to produce independent and clear opinion based statements on the evidence with which he is supplied irrelevant of the instructing party.


  • He shows rationale based on his experience and understanding, showing a conclusion which will identify involvement, commodity values and potentially an alternative view of what law enforcement has suggested.


  • He has produced and quality assured thousands of complex statements and valuations over the years he understands what is required to be able to show a fair opinion.


  • He can challenge law enforcement in relation to their opinion by explaining his rationale and that it may be realistic to suggest certain aspects of the evidence may have an alternative conclusion.
Themes Covered

Cash Based Economy / Cellular Activity
Coded / Guarded Speech / Slang Terminology

Communication Devices / Applications
Common Adulterants / Cutting agents

Cannabis Cultivation / Extractions / Concentrates

County Lines / Dark Web

Dealer Lists / Record Keeping

Duress / Threat / Coercion

Drug Commodities / Environments / Arenas

Exhibit Examination / Interpretation
Enforced Droughts / Market Influences

Normalisation of Drug Supply / Consumption

Postal Service Providers / Internal / International

Prison Consumption / Supply
Re-packaging / Repressing
Roles / Responsibilities / Rewards
Safe houses  / Vehicles

Wholesale / Middle Market / Street Values

And many other facets of the industry…

Continued Personal Development
  • Darrell continues his professional development by regularly speaking with individuals who consume a variety of class A, B and C drugs and he obtains relevant and up to date prices for specific quantities, and the effects of consumption.


  • He also speaks with members of the NHS, drug rehabilitation workers, substance misuse councillors and many others who work within a variety of drugs arenas who discuss their opinion in relation to what they perceive to be new drugs trends.


  • He also carries out research within the media and the internet in respect of drug related web sites, for example THC.com, Leafly.com, EMCDDA, Allbud.com, VICE, DS Daily, YouTube, Stop the war on drugs to name but a few. These sites offer a wide range of relevant and current information on a variety of drug related topics.
Over the years, my commitment to excellence and passion for cases and clients has been recognised.