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Independent and fair drugs expert witness opinion covering all levels of the supply chain involving numerous drug related commodities.
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Expert in the field of international drug trafficking, national distribution and throughout the supply chain to the end user.
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1987 – 2002 . Darrell joined the Royal Navy as a junior chef and progressed to Petty Officer prior to leaving. Whilst in the Royal Navy he was trained in the use of several firearms, firefighting, damage repair, first aid, a qualified military diver (underwater search techniques, first aid, navigation, hull examination) and NBCD (Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence). Darrell served on several Destroyers which often carried out patrols in the Caribbean assisting US law enforcement with drug interdictions. Darrell witnessed further ocean going drug interdictions in UK waters. Darrell served on warships in the first Gulf war and the Balkans civil war.  Darrell joined the Metropolitan Police Service in 2002, in 2007 he joined the Middle Market Drug Partnership (now Organised Crime Partnership) which is a joint Metropolitan Police and National Crime Agency unit involved in proactive and reactive investigations into the illegal supply of controlled drugs.

Law Enforcement

Darrell has investigated every level of the drug supply chain from the end user to International Drug Trafficker. He has worked alongside Law Enforcement agencies from HMRC, UKBA, Europol, Interpol, Belgium, Spain, France, Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, USA (Coastguard / Navy / DEA / FBI), Albania, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, the banking industry and many other private institutions which have assisted in identifying persons involved in the importation and supply of drugs and the laundering of criminal property.


Darrell has many years of experience working within a wide variety of drug arenas, from Cannabis Cultivation, Chemsex, Ecstasy production, Courier interception, protracted surveillance surrounding Organised Criminal Networks involved in the importation of multi-tons of controlled drugs to teenagers selling £10 a point. He understands the markets and will show a fair and reasoned interpretation of what has taken place, who is in control of what commodity and what the financial gain could realistically be achieved.